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Circulosity | Noun | sur-kyuh-los-i-tee| \ˈsər-kyə-ˈlä-sə-tē

An observable property of the Universe such that:

1. The result of Action is Returned to it's Creator. Gratitude, Generosity and Persistence are Forces of the Universe.

2. The Velocity of Returns is a Function of the Worthiness of Intention, the Degree of Preparation, the Coordination and Persistence of Effort, Decisiveness and Commitment to Action.

3. Generosity Attracts People and Resources. Mindfulness Creates Direction, Opportunity, Abundance and the Transformation of Circumstances.

Our Mission: To be Always Respectful, Grateful, Generous, Hopeful, Courageous, Prepared and Ready to Contribute, Joyfully Achieving and Receiving.