Help Wanted to Lovingly Reclaim Engraved Commemorative Bricks

Join volunteers to Preserve History by helping to remove the historic Engraved Commemorative Bricks from Main Street in Old Downtown Bothell.

As an act of community spirit the bricks were originally purchased to raise funds to improve Downtown. Engraved with the names of Residents, Local Businesses and other Bothell Patrons, the bricks paved the floor of a Gazebo which stood at the Mid-Block Crossing on the North Side of Main Street. It was a Popular Gathering Spot for many years. Many of the bricks are memorials of folks who have long passed away.

With the approach of the Main Street Enhancement project set to break ground this spring, Main Street Merchants including Jeweler Richard Olsen of Olsen Design, his wife Susan Gardner are working with City of Bothell Leadership and other Community Volunteers in an effort to preserve and re-purpose the Bricks. The reclaimed bricks will be installed on the NW corner of 102nd Avenue and Main Street, the site of the annual Tree Lighting Festival and home of Nancy Pipinich State Farm.

Experienced Volunteers will be needed to rescue, clean and preserve the Historic Bricks. Date to be announced soon. See you there!