Parking Pains in Bothell Washington

Submitted by kellydowns on Tue, 02/07/2017 - 05:55

 In 2017 Bothell, Washington, we have a common problem with urban growth and the parking pains that go with it. Currently  while many of our parking issues are being squarely addressed by local government there remains much work to be done.

If we look carefully at our  unique characteristics and circumstances we may in many cases  be able to create niche opportunities for the various community stakeholders which may provide some solutions.

Allow me introduce the players: 

The Customer  is currently spending time and money driving in endless circles looking for a parking space. He's deciding whether it's worth it or not to continue looking for a spot or give up on Bothell and shop somewhere else. She whinces at the thought of pollution she is adding needlessly to the air and resentful she will be forced to choose between time with friends at lunch and making all the stops she had planned. Our Customers are worried about being late and are not having fun.